Handmade Cushion cover, kilim cover, kilim cushion cover
Handmade Cushion cover, kilim cover, kilim cushion cover

Kilim Cushion Cover, Kelim Pillow 60x60cm, 24 inches, Kilim Floor Cushion

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Handmade Turkish Kilim Cushion

Often made from handmade Turkish kilims, my Kilim Cushion Covers are the best in the market. Each individual kilim we use to make the cushion covers are hand picked by my team and I in Turkey.

Decorate your home with Colourful and Unique Kilim Cushions which are genuinely handcrafted.

How do you make Kilim Cushions?

We select the most suitable kilims by its weave and colours, they are then send for washing. Newly cleaned kilims are then cut to required size, lined and 100% cotton backing is sewn on. Kilim Cushion is almost ready,  Finally it gets steam pressed to have flat seams, quality checked and...

Perfect Turkish Kilim Cushion Cover is produced.

What is Kilim and Where do you get them from?

Kilims are flat woven rugs which are made in Turkey, Iran and most other middle eastern countries. Very similarly, native American Indians have their own versions too, mots commonly known examples are made by Navaho tribes and some old ones can fetch very high prices. Almost every Kilim we have in our shop is purchased directly by me when I travel in Turkey to buy Kilims and Rugs. This way we can ensure that each Cushion Cover is uniquely made for you.